Southern style American Barbecue is an institution in itself. Contrary to quickly grilled meats at high temperatures on an open flame, Southern Style Barbecue consists of a gentle slow process where the meat cooks with the smoke generated from the wood fire.  RUBS’ unique recipes have been crafted using Quebec grown sweet Maple wood for a taste like none other.

The cooking process is as distinct as is the outcome. Like the pink tone of a traditional Quebec smoked ham or a steamed classic Montreal “Smoked Meat”, Southern Style Barbecue has its own red interior texture, but fear not, it has been meticulously cooked. The ultimate test: Take your napkin and have it touch the interior of your portion; if the napkin doesn’t turn red, then you know your food has been properly prepared, or shall we better say: Smoked to Perfection.

Our wood fire smokers perfume all meats between 2 to 14 hours every day depending on the cut and type: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, even our vegetables are smoked.  Although we fill our smokers with large quantities, it may happen that we run out of particular choices, therefore arrive early and choose quickly.

Discover and enjoy our Really Unique Barbecue Style